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There is a heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability in WellinTech’s Kingview HistoryServer.exe, which may allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code.

WellinTech has produced a patch that is available for download from its website, according to the ICS-CERT report.

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This vulnerability came to the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) from independent security researcher Luigi Auriemma.

WellinTech’s KingView V65.30.2010.18018 is the version affected, the report said.

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Successful exploitation of the heap overflow vulnerability could allow a remote attacker to cause the service to crash, and also may allow the execution of arbitrary code.

WellinTech is a software development company specializing in the automation and control industry based in Beijing, China. WellinTech also has offices in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Europe, and Taiwan.

KingView is a Windows-based control, monitoring and data collection application used across several sectors including power, water, building automation, mining, and other sectors, WellinTech said.

An attacker can exploit this vulnerability by sending a specially crafted packet to Port 777/TCP that exceeds a specified length and contains executable code. CVE-2011-4536 is the number assigned to this vulnerability and it has a CVSS V2 base score of 10.

WellinTech created a patch and instructions for installation available for download on its website.
English version
Chinese version

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