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Network cyber attacks are getting more complex, and they are not going away.

While it is easy to simply throw money at the problem, in today’s economic environment there is not very much funding to solve any cyber related issues. So, that means it is time to get creative with the funding you do have.

In addition, as the June Stuxnet attack garnered the industry’s attention, that was not the first time, nor will it be the last time manufacturing automation networks become the unwitting victim of a cyber assault.

With cyber-related incidents costing around $20 billion a year, now is the time for engineering and IT professionals to drop any animosities and team to fight the attacks against their networks in order to cut down on any unplanned downtime. By winning that battle, it can save a manufacturer thousands if not millions of dollars a year.

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In order to help educate the industry, Phoenix Contact and manufacturing automation web news site Industrial Safety and Security Source ( conducted a webinar entitled “Securing Your Network While Cutting Your Costs.”

The webcast brought together Phoenix Contact’s Networking Security Expert Dan Schaffer, United Water of New Jersey’s Keith Kolkebeck, and ISSSource Founder and Editor Gregory Hale in a live webinar as they discussed issues, trends and real life security applications that help save money and boost revenues.

In the webinar they talk about:
• The need for security
• Leveraging secure remote connectivity to cut costs
• Securing the relationship between engineering and IT
“Money is tight and users need to be creative on how they spend their funding for a security solution. On top of that, we go about demystifying security for engineers,” said Gregory Hale, editor and founder of ISSSource. “Yes, you want to stay one step ahead of the bad guys, but it does not need to be complicated to protect yourself from basic attacks.”

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Click here to view the webinar.

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