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Flames fire out from the remains of the Globe Elevators as they collapse after catching fire in Superior, WI.
Source: Duluth News Tribune

There was a large grain elevator fire at the former Globe Elevator about a mile north of downtown Superior, WI.

Although it closed in 1988, at least one company has been salvaging century-old white pine wood for resale, said Adele Yorde, Duluth Seaway Port Authority spokesperson.

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The elevator is a large historic wooden structure that will continue to burn, Superior Mayor Jim Paine said on a Facebook post.

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Paine added no one was injured and he doesn’t expect damage to extend beyond the structure and surrounding equipment.

“Battalion Chief Scott Gordon tells me that this is the best-case scenario — a very hot fire burns out quickly,” Paine added. “The only loss is equipment and an abandoned, unusable structure.”

The blaze would take several days to put out.

Of the estimated $10 million worth of wood reclamation equipment on site, only a Bobcat was saved. Gordon said $450,000 worth of wood already sold was destroyed.

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