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Eventhough support for Windows XP ended four years ago, the hugely popular operating system always seemed to hold its own in terms of market share, with some time periods showing actual growth.

But that all seems to be changing with new numbers released showing the operating system showing consistent decline in market share.

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Windows XP showed a steady stream of decline in March, according to NetMarketShare.

While these numbers are interesting, in the manufacturing automation sector Windows XP still has a good presence, but it will not be long before it ends up phased out.

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One year ago, Windows XP was running on 4.59 percent of the desktop computers globally.

Then, oddly enough, market share jumped up a bit to 5.04 percent in May. XP then started to drop 3.19 percent in September only to increase once again to 4.54 percent in December.

In March, however, XP is showing a drop to 2.29 percent, according to NetMarketShare.

Windows XP is one of the most popular Windows versions ever released by Microsoft, and this slow pace of losing market share is living proof users aren’t ready to give up on it.

What is at issue is Windows XP is more vulnerable to attacks based on exploits found in other Windows versions and because this OS version runs on a number of systems being used by authorities or government across the world.

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