There are three vulnerabilities in Invensys’ Wonderware InBatch GUIControls, BatchObjSrv, and BatchSecCtrl ActiveX controls.

Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (DoS) on systems with affected versions of Wonderware InBatch Runtime Client components, according to a report from ICS-CERT.

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ICS-CERT coordinated the report with Invensys and Researcher Kuang-Chun Hung of the Security Research and Service Institute−Information and Communication Security Technology Center (ICST), who found the vulnerability. Invensys issued software updates that resolve the issues and ICST confirmed the updates fully resolve the reported vulnerabilities.

“Today’s ICS-CERT Advisory proves yet again that the collaborative approach we have in place, working with top industry professionals from ICS-CERT and the Information and Communication Security Technology Center, particularly Kang-Chun Hung, is working,” said Ernest Rakaczky, Invensys Operations Management Portfolio Program Manager, Control Systems – Cyber Security. “With his help and excellent research, Invensys was able to proactively correct, test and validate a patch for the recent Wonderware vulnerability, as well as issue software updates that resolve these vulnerabilities. The ICST has confirmed the software updates fully resolve the reported vulnerabilities, and their findings validate how the vulnerability disclosure process can and should work.”

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The vulnerabilities affect the following products:
• 8.1 SP1, 9.0 SP2, and 9.5 InBatch Server and Runtime Clients
• 9.0 and 9.0 SP1.

The affected components exist in a variety of Wonderware products including InTouch and Information Server browser clients that have downloaded converted windows that contain these controls.

The I/A Series Batch 8.1 SP1 and Wonderware InBatch 9.5 SP1 and higher do not suffer from these vulnerabilities, Invensys said.

If successfully exploited, these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on systems running affected versions of the product. Wonderware InBatch sees use in a variety of industries worldwide including manufacturing, energy, food and beverage, chemical, and water and wastewater. The InBatch Runtime Client provides an interface to the batch management system to allow operator interaction during the batch execution.

Affected versions of the InBatch Runtime Client components contain three buffer overflow vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities suffer exploitation by using long string values for the properties/methods of the referenced controls. This could result in either a DoS or remote code execution running with privileges of the logged-in user.

CVE-2011-3141 is the number assigned to this vulnerability. Invensys has assessed the vulnerabilities using the CVSS Version 2.0 calculator and gives the overall CVSS = 6.0.

This vulnerability is remotely exploitable. This exploit may require social engineering.

Invensys developed software updates to address the reported vulnerabilities. Invensys recommended customers running vulnerable versions of Wonderware InBatch update their systems to either InBatch 9.0 SP2 or 9.5 on all nodes that have the InBatch client runtime and the InBatch Server installed. Installation does not require a reboot.

Customers can download updates from the “Software Download” section of the Invensys Customer First Support website. Follow the instructions in the ReadMe section for the product and component to install the software update.

In addition to applying the software updates, Invensys has made additional recommendations to customers running vulnerable versions of the Invensys Wonderware InBatch product:
• Set the security level settings for the Internet browser to Medium−High to minimize the risk of a vulnerability exploit.
• Reference the Invensys Securing Industrial Control Systems Guide for additional information on securing industrial control systems operating in a Microsoft Windows environment.

To access information related to Invensys security updates, customers can log on to the Cyber Security Updates website and the GCS Foxboro Wonderware Security Releases webpage.

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