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One worker died and another injured in what company officials call “an incident” at a treatment plant for natural gas producer Exco Resources in northwestern Louisiana.

The Dallas-based company halted service at the TGGT Holdings facilities in Red River Parrish, officials said Monday. Operations at another TGGT facility in DeSoto Parrish also shut down as a precaution. Exco and BG Group jointly own TGGT.

Exco said the incident occurred on May 28. Since then, the company has notified authorities and rerouted most of its natural gas production to alternate facilities at a cost of $35,000 per day in extra transportation charges.

The shutdown cut the company’s production by about 80-100 million cubic feet per day for six days. About 10-20 million cubic feet per day of production remains on hold, awaiting space on other pipelines.

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The company said production interruptions at the facilities could continue for several more weeks.

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