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There was an explosion and then a fire at a Round Rock, TX, tool making company Friday, officials said.

First an explosion and then a fire sparked at Energetic Materials and Products 2 p.m. Friday.

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The blast occurred toward the middle of the building, but was powerful enough to shake the brick facade off the building’s front entrance.

Energetic Materials and Products makes breaching tools, which are tools that enforcement officers use to get inside doors.

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The device they were working on had an electrical charge component and it somehow malfunctioned, causing the explosion, said Round Rock Fire Marshall Dennis Kincheloe. He said the threat of another explosion is low.

“Everything is separate right now. When they’re actually manufacturing in there is when they’re bringing stuff together that’s when it’s critical,” Kincheloe said. “But when its separate it’s not a danger.”

Two people were working inside when the tool exploded. One of them suffered serious burns and emergency personnel transported the worker via STAR Flight to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. The other person did not suffer an injury.

A man who works across the street said officers evacuated his building right after the explosion, just to be safe.

“Police came in and said we needed to evacuate the building because of high explosives and the potential for a larger explosion to take place,” said Christopher Underwood. “So they moved us to outside of the building and we stood and watched while they worked on it.”

The amount of damage done to the building remains unknown.

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