A worker was hospitalized suffering from chemical burns after he was splashed with acid at the Nitto Avecia facility on Fortune Boulevard in Milford, MA, Friday.

The technician was taking apart a hose connection late Friday morning, but did not realize the hose was pressurized and was splashed with the acid. The technician – who was wearing protective equipment – immediately hit the emergency shutdown, helping contain the spill to one room.

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That room is specially designed to contain a chemical spill, Fire Chief William Touhey said outside the scene.

The technician decontaminated twice in an emergency shower at the facility before being taken to Milford Regional Medical Center

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As a result of the incident, the building ended up evacuated.

Touhey is unsure how much of the substance was spilled. The statewide HazMat team was called and an ambulance was at the facility on standby as per protocol fire officials said.

Nitto Avecia is a unit of Japanese-based Nitto Denko Corp. which is in oligonucleotide development and manufacturing company. Avecia produces oligonucleotides used as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in genetic testing, research and forensic. The Milford location is Avecia’s corporate headquarters and according to the company website was FDA inspected.

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