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Workers at All-Service Plastic Molding in Vandalia, OH, mixing chemicals ended up going to the hospital Wednesday as a result of burning feelings, fire officials said.

At least three other people were also injured but refused additional treatment, said Vandalia Fire Chief Chad Follick.

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Materials “off-gassed” during a chemical process and caused workers to be affected by fumes, said All-Service Plastic Molding vice president Dan Norris. 

At least five of those affected have been released from hospitals.

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A 911 caller from the business said a possible mixing of chemicals caused “the chemicals to burn everybody’s eyes. It’s kind of burning my throat.”

A second 911 caller from the business said a material accidentally got mixed with acetone.

“When crews arrived, we found the building being evacuated,” Follick said. “We also found victims complaining of respiratory-type irritation — eyes, some headaches.” 

“It’s not anything they could have prevented,” the chief said. “It just happened.” 

Fire crews ventilated the building and turned it over to company managers. Follick said he believes the second shift will run as it normally would. 

Company managers did their job and made the job of the fire/rescue crews easier, he said. 

The Dayton Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team was called and consulted, but did not respond because the HAZMAT official felt the fire crews had the situation well in hand, Follick said.

Norris said the company is conducting its own investigation.

Acetal is the chemical workers at All-Service Plastic Molding may have inhaled. According to, a global independent safety science company, acetal is a thermoplastic. Acetal resins are among the strongest and stiffest of all thermoplastics and are available in fiber reinforced and lubricated molding grades as well as extruded shapes for machined parts.

All-Service Plastic Molding specializes in injection molding, according to its webpage. It offers component assembly, pad printing, sonic welding and hot stamping services. 

The company serves the automotive, consumer, electrical, medical, telecommunications, and office and business equipment markets. 

All Service Plastic Molding has more than 25 presses that perform several molding procedures. 

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