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A good majority of workers say they understand the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance standards, a new survey said.

The online survey took place from July through September 2013 and evaluated the attitudes of more than 100 IT professionals involved with NERC CIP compliance, according to the Tripwire NERC CIP survey.

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Key findings include:
• 70 percent believe they have a clear understanding of all the current NERC CIP requirements.
• 77 percent believe NERC CIP compliance is necessary to ensure the cyber security of the Bulk Electric System.
• 70 percent, however, do not believe that NERC CIP compliance is sufficient to ensure the cyber security of the Bulk Electric System.

“It is encouraging that a majority of respondents acknowledge the value of NERC CIP compliance and the key role it plays in energy cyber security,” said Jeff Simon, director of service solutions for Tripwire. “Most respondents also acknowledge that NERC CIP compliance alone is not sufficient to ensure cyber security – they know compliance is just the start of an effective cyber security strategy.”

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