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Open source community news site Reddit said it was the victim of a distributed denial of attack (DDoS) and they are now in the process of mitigating that attack.

To give them credit, they are not hiding from the attack. “We are working on recovering from what appears to be a DDoS,” reads one notification posted on the Reddit Status Twitter feed.

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It’s uncertain who is behind the attack, but it’s clear that the downtime isn’t the result of too many users visiting the site at the same time. Reddit calls it a “malicious DDOS attack.”

A tweet posted said: “We’ve mitigated part of the DDoS at this time. However, certain site functions are disabled.”

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Currently, the website now seems to be up and running.

Judging by the posts from the Reddit Status Twitter account, the service has experienced some temporary issues over the past months, but malicious DDOS attacks haven’t been the culprit for any of them up until now.

While not linked together, DDoS attacks are becoming even more apparent these days.

Israeli websites ended up under attack as part of the Anonymous OpIsrael campaign which launched a series of DDoS assaults April 7.

In its analysis of the hit, Trend Micro said the source of these attacks — over 90 percent of the traffic — came from outside Israel on April 7. A regular day would not have close to that amount of outside traffic.

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