A micropatch is now available to help ward off a Zero Day local privilege escalation vulnerability affecting Windows that released earlier this week.

While Microsoft did not immediately release a patch, one company decided to move quickly and offer a micropatch since the news released and users could be vulnerable.

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Acros Security, the company behind 0patch, has released a micropatch for the flaw that can be applied to fully updated 64bit Windows 10 version 1803 and 64bit Windows Server 2016.

This temporary micropatch is a security patch that’s implemented in memory, while the software is running.

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“A micropatch can be quickly created, deployed to all computers in a hour’s time and applied without even the slightest disturbance to users,” said Mitja Kolsek, the company’s chief executive in a post. “But it must be considered a temporary security measure until the official patch can be applied.”

The micropatch will be effective even if the exploit is modified, Kolsek said, as it changes the code to close the hole.

Still, he noted, this should be considered only a temporary fix. Microsoft’s update will not only fix this issue in a more informed way, but will also bring fixes for other vulnerabilities.

“When Microsoft makes their official fix available, you simply apply it as you would if you had never heard of 0patch. Applying it will automatically obsolete this micropatch on your computer as the update will replace a vulnerable executable with a fixed one, thereby changing its cryptographic hash. Since our micropatches are associated with specific hashes, this will make the micropatch inapplicable without intervention on either your end or ours,” he said.

To implement the micropatch, users must download and launch the 0patch Agent installer, create a free 0patch account and register the agent to that account.

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