While an amazing tragedy, the learning from the Texas City, TX, , disaster at the BP America Refinery that left 15 workers dead and 180 others injured still resonates to this day.

It is only fitting on its 15 year anniversary, the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released an updated animation detailing the tragic events when there was a massive hydrocarbon release and ensuing explosion. The blast was a landmark investigation for the CSB and revealed safety gaps at refineries across the country.

“The lessons learned from the BP Texas City event reverberate fifteen years later,” said Interim Executive Dr. Kristen Kulinowski. “The CSB’s newest animation updates and refreshes the CSB’s most viewed accident animation. We hope that this new version allows more viewers to learn from the findings and recommendations issued by the board that remain relevant years later.”

The BP America refinery explosion and fire was the most serious refinery accident ever investigated by the CSB. The CSB’s final report on the incident, released in 2007, found organizational and safety deficiencies at all levels of the BP Corporation.

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The CSB’s investigation revealed a lack of corporate management understanding and commitment to safety.

As a result of the investigation, there is a new standard of care for corporate boards of directors and chief executives throughout the world, which calls for the same level of scrutiny for process safety management as financial management.

Boards of directors of oil and chemical companies need to examine every detail of their process safety programs to prevent future death and destruction.

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