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There was a hazardous materials situation at Diversified Foods in Madisonville, LA, where there was an ammonia leak.

Officials said they contained the ammonia leak. The leak is the same as the last incident there on Oct. 16. This alert did not force officials to reroute traffic in the area.

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Fire District 13 in Goodbee is lead agency on the incident at Diversified Foods. The fire chief said the leak ended up contained to cooking room.

There were no injuries in the incident and the system ended up shut down and is now under repair by the plant maintenance crew.

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Fire officials said the incident is minor and differs from the last one at the facility when there was a leak to a pipe inside. Last time, the leak was to an external pipe on the roof as part of the refrigeration exhaust system.

This leak isn’t expected to affect the community at all. According to the fire district, this is a common maintenance issue with companies that use ammonia to refrigerate, and it’s usually handled internally, but they ended up called this time due to major issue of last time.

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