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Portland, OR-based PacifiCorp closed its coal plant near Price, Utah, Wednesday.

Known as the Carbon Plant or the Castle Gate Plant, it ended up commissioned in 1954, 61 years ago, making it the oldest remaining coal plant in PacifiCorp’s portfolio. The plant produced 172 megawatts of electricity, enough to supply 86,000 homes.

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“Due to a number of factors, it was no longer economically viable to operate for our customers,” the company said. That may mean the company figured it was too costly to make renovations needed to meet new air pollution and other environmental regulations.

Company-wide, PacifiCorp is following a planned shift to lower-carbon energy sources.

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The Carbon Plant’s employees will all work at other PacifiCorp jobs in the area. PacifiCorp is replacing the lost power with added natural gas capacity, renewables and energy efficiency projects.

PacifiCorp hasn’t built any new coal plants since 1984, and previously closed its Jordan, Hale and Gasby coal plants.

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