An ATM skimmer got 70 months in prison for installing ATM skimming devices in several states and defrauding users of over $900,000 from their debit cards.

Sorin Condrache, 36, of Craiova, Romania, also got three years of supervised release and will have to pay restitution fees of $905,901, the sum he stole from his victims, according to court documents in Florida.

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The suspect ended up arrested and charged with installing ATM skimming devices on ATMs located in five states, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Tennessee, according to court documents.

Condrache used a skimming device placed over the card insertion slot, which recorded data from the debit card’s magnetic strip.

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He also used a pinhole camera, which he installed on the ATM, in order to save the PIN codes entered by each person who used the ATM.

With the data he gathered via the ATM skimmer, Condrache cloned debit cards or created gift cards, which he used to withdraw money from the victims’ bank accounts.

Authorities said Condrache operated together with a team but offered no details on the crew’s actions.

This is not the first time Condrache got a prison sentence for ATM skimming. In 2006, he served a four-year prison sentence after he ended up arrested and convicted in Ireland.

Irish authorities arrested Condrache together with two other Romanian nationals, a man and a woman, Razvan Schiopu and Daniela Ciocan.

Officials said they found false ATM front sections, skimming machines, cameras, 75 blank plastic ATM cards, and €20,000 ($22,200) in cash, at the house the three were living in.

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