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Pyongsan America Inc. is facing $69,300 in fines for one willful safety violation after a worker had a finger amputated while crimping air conditioning hoses on a new vehicle at the company’s manufacturing facility in Auburn, AL, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA’s Mobile Area Office initiated an inspection on Sept. 11 in response to the amputation.

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The willful violation involves failing to provide machine guarding for the points of operation on the crimping machines. A willful violation is one committed with intentional, knowing or voluntary disregard for the law’s requirements, or with plain indifference to worker safety and health.

“Although management was aware the crimpers and bending machines lacked machine guarding, no action was taken to protect workers’ from injury,” said Joseph Roesler, OSHA’s area director in Mobile. “It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that proper protections and safety procedures are followed at all times.”

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Pyongsan America manufactures automotive parts for Hyundai Motor Co.

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