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The fire is out after a faulty pressure valve caused an explosion at a natural gas storage site in southwestern Wyoming Saturday, but no one ended up injured, officials said.

Crews responded late Saturday afternoon to a report of an explosion at the facility, 15 miles north of Evanston in Uinta County, WY, near the Utah line.

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“Some sort of pressure valve malfunctioned and exploded, resulting in a fire at the facility,” said Eric Quinney, chief administrative officer for Uinta Fire and Ambulance.

“Employees [of the facility] responded because they had a high temperature alarm on one of their pressure valves,” Quinney said. “When they got there, the valve exploded, and that ignited the fire.”

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He said the four people working at the site at the time did not sustain any injuries.

The facility, which includes a main structure and pipelines, is in an isolated area and the blaze poses no threat to people or other structures, he said. Companies use the site to store natural gas underground.

Fire crews staged in an area about a mile from the facility but allowed the fire to burn through Saturday night and through Sunday afternoon, when at about 4 p.m. crews approached the site to assess its condition.

Gas injections began at the Ryckman Creek gas storage facility in May 2012. Owner Peregrine Midstream Partners began construction on the 35 billion cubic foot facility in September 2011. The capacity of the first phase of the development, for use in 2012-2013, is 18 billion cubic feet.

The Ryckman Creek facility includes six injection/withdrawal wells; two re-entry observation wells and two re-entry/recompletion saltwater disposal wells; a central gas/liquids separation and processing facility; 4.8 miles of new eight-inch diameter storage field flow lines; nearly four miles of 16-inch diameter header pipeline; one unidirectional and four bi-directional pipeline interconnects and meter stations; and about 30,000 horsepower of electric-drive compression.

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