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A new era of chemical warfare and increased man-made threats is on the rise which means chemical detection equipment will see big growth over the next 10 years, new research found.

Chemical detection equipment ends up used to identify the presence and intensity of chemical agents in soil, air as well as water and to alert respective authorities and personnel to the existence of toxic or hazardous substances so necessary action can be taken to prevent catastrophes, according to a report from Future Market Insights.

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Testing for the presence of these materials is necessary for production sites/industrial areas and exposed areas to prevent any incident.

Incidents from the past have alarmed the chemical industry to use reliable and high quality chemical equipment for monitoring of chemical plants and industries, hence increasing the demand for chemical detection equipment, according to the report.

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Rising threats from terrorist organizations have forced countries to use chemical detection equipment in all important sites, such as the airport, water distribution plants, nuclear power plants, tourist locations and other critical infrastructure facilities for the purpose of public safety.

Chemical detection equipment is also used in facilities like nuclear power plants, chemical production facilities and other industries to identify the presence and intensity of radiation and chemical agents in soil, air as well as water.

Growth in the chemical detection equipment market is mainly due to an increase in terrorist threats, as well as increasing safety regulations, according to the report. The increase in production of hazardous materials for industrial applications has also increased the level of threat, due to accidents or misuse by terrorists. Strict laws for buying and selling of hazardous chemicals and increased activities by law enforcements and safety and security administrations has led to growth of the chemical detection equipment market.

Awareness among people and stringent government regulations have created immense pressure on corporates to keep chemical detection equipment at their sites to ensure safety of the workforce. As a result, usage of chemical detection equipment in many industries has consequently surged its demand globally.

North America is a major market for chemical detection equipment as continuous research and development is required in this field and the United States is a leader in the R&D of chemical detection technology. The increase in terrorist threats and incidents related to chemicals in recent years has garnered much attention from people and governments all over the world. The countries affected by terrorism are major markets for chemical detection equipment, such as India, the United Kingdom, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

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