Hydrogen fluoride, a potentially deadly chemical, released in a small enclosure at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN, April 4 and required an emergency response.

Two sensors went off shortly before 8 a.m. indicating the chemical had been released in an area about the size of a walk-in closet within a large room at 9212, the complex that handles uranium processing, officials said.

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At that time, Y-12 initiated its emergency response for the incident.

By sometime around 9 a.m., the incident was under control and the all-clear was given regarding the incident.

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Officials confirmed personnel in an isolated area near the chemical were evacuated, although no external sensors went off, and there was never any danger to personnel.

Y-12 has an incident investigation going on to uncover how much of the chemical was leaked out. There was no indication it was a malevolent event or the chemical was released from an external source, officials said.

But, they said they do have a good idea of where exactly the leak occurred in terms of line, tank, connection.

There was no impact to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a spokesperson confirmed.

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