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There was a chemical spill at the Mohawk Valley Water Treatment Plant in Prospect, NY, that forced the evacuation of the facility Saturday, officials said.

About 4,000 gallons of hydrofluorosilicic acid leaked from the holding tanks onto the floor of the building, but workers were able to contain it to that specific area, officials said.

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The chemical did not go into the water, and they were able to contain the spill, said Oneida County Director of Emergency Services, Kevin Revere, who was at the site.

In low doses the chemical is not dangerous, and it actually ends up used in the water to help protect teeth enamel, officials said.

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They do say in concentrated levels, the chemical can be hazardous, but the facility follows all EPA and Health Department regulations.

“We evacuated the building based on recommendations of HazMat,” said Phillip Tangorra the Director of Water Quality for the Mohawk Valley Water Authority. “They’re on scene now and are directing operations. The treatment plant is functioning as it should be so there are no issues from a treatment standpoint. It’s an unfortunate incident, but we’re taking all appropriate measures. There is no danger to the public from the drinking water side or within the surrounding area of the treatment facility.”

Workers evacuated as hazmat crews contain and assess the spill.

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