Cloud usage is continuing its growth curve, but that doesn’t mean there are not growing pains in the process.

That became very evident as a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks resulted in service interruptions at cloud hosting company Linode DNS infrastructure and data center locations in the U.S. and the UK, including Dallas, London, Atlanta, Frankfurt, Newark, NJ, Tokyo, Singapore and Fremont, CA.

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The disruptions began on Christmas Day when the company discovered and resolved connectivity issues affecting the Linode Manager and Website, just days after it completed scheduled maintenance on Xen Linode host servers in the wake of receiving “several Xen Security Advisories (XSAs).”

On December 26, Linode said it experienced DDoS attacks on data centers in London, Dallas, Atlanta and Singapore that posed connectivity issues as well as an attack on its hosted DNS infrastructure that affected performance.

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Three days later, renewed and sustained attacks hit the Dallas center, causing connectivity problems for the Linode Website, Manager, and API. Likewise on Dec. 30, a large inbound attack prompted connectivity issues for the Linode Manager and Website and the company reported Lish connectivity concerns.

Dec. 31 brought another round of attacks on data centers in London, Dallas and Atlanta, which the company said ended up resolved, though they quickly suffered from another round of attacks on facilities in Newark, Frankfurt, Fremont, Atlanta and London.

Linode said it is working to mitigate the latest round of attacks but service interruptions remain at those locations, though service has returned in Newark.

As of today, the company is still experiencing issues:

Update – “Our engineers are continuing to harden our DNS systems from the ongoing attacks. We will provide an update once additional progress has been made.”

Identified – “The denial of service attacks against our DNS infrastructure have resumed at this time.”

“The DoS attack affecting connectivity in London is ongoing and we are still working with our upstream provider to mitigate it,” said an update on the Linode website. “Users can expect to see packet loss and problems with connectivity to Linodes in London.”

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