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There was a large chemical spill Monday at an El Cajon, CA, company that sells water treatment chemicals.

Abcana Industries discovered the leak around 5:30 a.m. at the company’s location on West Bradley Avenue and North Johnson Avenue.

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Concentrated bleach leaked out of a storage tank and reached a secondary container, a three-foot concrete wall, according to Heartland Fire and Rescue crews.

Employees estimate the spill at 2,000 gallons. No one knows how long the tank was leaking.

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The company will have a private clean-up crew come in and use a vacuum truck to clean up the spill.

The company sells wholesale water treatment chemicals for water parks, pool service, laundry facilities and other businesses.

“We are taking soil samples, as well as liquid samples just to confirm what type of product it is,” said Chris Jensen with Heartland Fire and Rescue. “As well to see how far in the soil it may have gotten and what mitigation we may need to do there as well.”

After the clean-up phase Environmental Health will determine the cause of the incident.

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