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A new mobile number harvesting service now allows users to fully customize the type of information they want to collect.

The collected information can then drive SMS spam campaigns that rely on specialized services, security researchers said.

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The mobile number harvesting service can collect information based on region, types of companies, age, interests, work position, gender and other options, said Webroot’s Dancho Danchev, who found the technology in the underground market.

According to the service’s operators, it takes up to 12 hours to harvest between 1,000 and 35,000 phone numbers, and it takes between 72 and 86 hours if the customer wants over 50,000 numbers based on certain criteria.

Cyber Security

The individuals that advertise the service accept payment via WebMoney.

“We expect to continue observing an increase in vendors offering cybercrime-as-a-service solutions with vertical market integration in mind, in an attempt by the cybercriminals operating them to occupy an even bigger market share within the TDoS (Telephony Denial of Service) and the SMS spam market segments,” Danchev said.

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