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The new Sandia National Laboratories’ Cybersecurity Technologies Research Laboratory (CTRL) now offers an open yet controlled area for cyber security professionals to meet and discuss critical cyber research issues.

A grand opening for the facility, on the grounds of the Livermore Valley Open Campus (LVOC), was June 12.

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“With CTRL, we can run experiments and talk more freely about a wide range of cyber research activities, and we can do so with a variety of U.S. and international collaborators but without some of the unrelated restrictions that are often associated with a national laboratory,” said Jim Costa, senior manager of computational sciences and analysis at Sandia’s California site.

“At the same time, we can do these things in a uniquely controlled environment where we know what activities are taking place and we can monitor who and what else is in the building,” he said. “We look at CTRL like our own neighborhood hangout for Sandia and visiting cyber professionals who need an open but secure place to meet and collaborate.”

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CTRL will promote stronger relationships between industry, academia and national laboratories in the research and development of cyber security solutions through technology, practices and policy. CTRL’s mission is to:
• Develop the science and computing foundation necessary for robust cyber security research and development.
• Develop critical relationships to help understand the full range of technical threat concerns facing industry, government (nonclassified) and academia.
• Develop, test and help implement cyber security approaches in real-world situations.
• Promote the various technical domains that support the advancement of cyber security, essential to the security and stability of the U.S. and the world.
• Develop political and social awareness of the real, imminent threat and the consequences posed by cyber exploits and attacks.
• Provide a window to the external world on open cyber security and related work throughout Sandia, along with acting as a Bay Area resource for open work performed at Sandia’s New Mexico location.

Sandia has a long history in cyber security, said Costa, the origins of which lie in the Labs’ nuclear weapons program. It also houses the Center for Cyber Defenders (CCD) program, which has trained hundreds of college students in cyber defense and has seen many go into private industry and government to tackle cyber security issues. Housing for the summer’s Sandia/California CCD interns is in the CTRL facility.

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