There is a public report of authentication vulnerabilities with proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit code affecting FENIKS PRO Elnet LT Energy & Power analyzer, according to a report with ICS-CERT.

Attackers can manage the device remotely without authentication, according to the report.

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This report released after ICS-CERT failed to coordinate the vulnerabilities with FENIKS PRO.

ICS-CERT notified the vendor of the report and asked the vendor to confirm the vulnerabilities and identify mitigations. ICS-CERT issuing an alert to provide early notice of the report and identify baseline mitigations for reducing risks to these and other cybersecurity attacks.

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The report included vulnerability details and PoC exploit code for the following vulnerability: An unauthenticated web management access that is remotely exploitable and could lead to possible remote code execution.

ICS-CERT recommends that users of these devices (or any other control system device) change passwords from the default settings upon installation of the product.

Elnet LT is a power meter for electrical measurements and harmonics with RS485 communication.

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