In a move to deepen its security portfolio, F-Secure dealt for privately-held security firm, nSense.

Offering security services ranging from penetration testing to vulnerability assessment of web apps and enterprise networks, nSense will be able to help offer custom defenses for individual companies.

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The goal of the move is to propel F-Secure deeper into the enterprise security business with an offer that includes defensive solutions for the latest types of threats and security incidents.

In a context where sophisticated cyber attacks occur more often than ever, there is a market for cyber-security services for setting up custom defenses for each company, and for post-incident assessment to determine the damage.

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nSense works with more than 100 companies, mid-sized and above, some of them being financial institutions, which require PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) services.

“Information security threats are becoming more stealthy, sophisticated and complex, and we need to be able to provide services that help our customers prevent potential threats from becoming security incidents,” said Christian Fredrikson, F-Secure chief executive.

Acquiring nSense helped the company reach different industry segments and improve the enterprise-level technology for detecting and preventing cyber attacks.

nSense is based in Denmark, but it also has offices in Finland (Helsinki), Norway (Oslo) and Poland (Poznan).

Jens Thonke, nSense chief executive, said integrating with F-Secure is an opportunity to expand to new markets and take advantage of the collective technical know-how and intelligence.

“We have worked with F-Secure for a long time and know each other well. We join their fellowship knowing they share our passion for security and digital freedom,” Thonke said.

Following the acquisition, F-Secure’s guidance for revenue in 2015 has been revised, the estimate for security revenues growth being at or above 5 percent. The value for 2014 was $151 million.

Information on the deal was not immediately available.

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