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An Indian man facing software counterfeiting charges faces possible extradition to the United States after his arrest this week.

In another case where the U.S. federal government is attempting to crack down on cyber crime, police arrested Nikhil Kablekar, 29, a resident in the Mumbai suburb of Andheri, Wednesday for hacking and copyright violation offenses.

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Mumbai police seized computers, CDs, USB sticks and other evidence from his home. Mumbai police were acting on a request from the U.S. Southern District Court, New York.

It’s unclear if U.S. authorities will seek Kablekar’s extradition or whether an FBI team will travel to Mumbai to question him. Police said Kablekar used hacking techniques to defeat copyright protection measures on software titles before creating counterfeit CDs, which he then re-sold.

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The case prompted an FBI investigation that led to a March 2010 indictment against Kablekar. Details of what software titles Kablekar targeted or the supposed value of the fraud are still under investigation.

If the U.S. does extradite Kablekar, it will become the first such case in a decade, officials said.

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