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Mozilla released Firefox 42 and it has a new feature called Tracking Protection incorporated into the Private Browsing option that could increase user privacy online.

“We first added Private Browsing to Firefox to give you control over your privacy locally by not saving your browser history and cookies when you close a private window,” said Nick Nguyen, vice president of Firefox Product in a blog post. “However, when you browse the Web, you can unknowingly share information about yourself with third parties that are separate from the site you’re actually visiting, even in Private Browsing mode on any browser.”

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“Private Browsing with Tracking Protection in Firefox for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux actively blocks content like ads, analytics trackers and social share buttons that may record your behavior without your knowledge across sites.”

Another new feature in Firefox is a new Control Center, which is a central place for reviewing and changing site security and privacy controls. It’s located in the browser’s address bar. In addition to this, the company updated the browser’s security indicators.

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The new version of the browser also includes fixes for a dozen security issues, some of which could lead to arbitrary code execution.

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