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At least 2,000 websites in the country of Georgia, including those of the president, courts, and media were hacked in a massive cyber attack Monday, officials said.

The attack displayed a photo of Georgia’s exiled former president Mikheil Saakashvili with an inscription “I’ll be back!” Georgia’s Interpress news agency reported. Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili’s website was “attacked by hackers this afternoon,” her spokeswoman told AFP.

Interpress said the website for Georgia’s general jurisdiction courts as well as websites of a number of government agencies, NGOs and media outlets were also hit by cyber attacks on Monday. Up to 2,000 sites are believed to have been affected.

The attack also affected servers of Georgia’s two major broadcasters, Maestro and Imedi TV, temporarily sending the television stations off the air.

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Georgia’s interior ministry said it had launched an investigation.

“We still haven’t full access to our computer systems,” said Andro Lashkhi, a lawyer for Imedi TV.

In 2008, in the run-up to and during the war between Russia and Georgia, Tbilisi accused Moscow of an all-out cyber attack against the websites of nearly all government agencies and the country’s leading banks.

Russia denied the allegations, but said that “individuals in Russia” might have been responsible.

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