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GitHub is back up and running after another distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

“We are currently working to mitigate an incoming DDoS attack. We’ll provide additional information as it becomes available,” GitHub said while they were in the middle of an attack.

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The code repository hosting provider did not reveal any details on the attack. GitHub suffered these types of attacks before and is getting pretty good at mitigating them that access to the service usually ends up restored within 20 minutes.

The service has the arsenal and capabilities to handle volumetric and complex attacks.

Cyber Security

Last week, they faced one of the biggest attacks in quite a while and, as a result, GitHub started working on ways to improve its DDoS mitigating capabilities to make sure that even uncommon operations could end up blocked quickly, so users could get their service back.

On March 11, the attack was strong enough that GitHub went down for 2 hours.

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