By Gregory Hale
A solid security platform is the underlying backbone to any movement forward for manufacturers to take advantage of the connected digital age.

“We are at the forefront of automation technology unleashing the power of digitalization to create a new generation of benefits,” said Jason Urso, vice president and chief technology officer at Honeywell Process Solutions during his keynote presentation Monday at the Honeywell User Group Americas in San Antonio, TX.

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In a presentation focused on product introductions, one new product Urso talked about was the S300 SIL3 safety logic solver which is LEAP-enabled with cloud simulation. It has a uniform form factor with universal safety I/O.

LEAP (Lean Execution of Automation Projects) uses standardized I/O, which facilitates the move from customized cabinets to modular cabinets based on I/O count. This allows the design process to be front-loaded and reduces the impact of late changes on project timelines.

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“We extracted software from Safety Manager and allowed us to run it across the platform,” Urso said. “We’ve added the highest level of cybersecurity on both the hardware and software. It is much simpler using the power of software.”

The move toward a more connected digital platform allows for:
• Protect standardization
• Infinite longevity
• Connecting data to knowledge

By allowing the data connection it is possible for manufacturers to prosper in the digital era.

The numbers seem to back that up with 15 percent increased costs with inefficient labor planning; 45 percent of workforce retiring by 2023; $60 billion spent per year in safety and compliance; unplanned downtime up to $3 million a day, and underutilization of equipment up to 30 percent.

All those negative factors can turn to positive with a smarter, more connected – and secure – digital environment.

With the advances the industry is making, Urso talked about “infinite longevity,” which means it is possible to enable the last migration. Going from TDC 3000 to Experion to Enhanced High Performance Manager (EHPM) and then Ethernet, the idea of legacy hardware is going away, while still maintaining intellectual property.

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