Prinsco Inc. is facing $55,434 in fines after a worker was hospitalized for a serious hand injury caused by a moving saw blade at its Jesup, IA, site, said officials at the Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Inspectors found the pipe manufacturer failed to adequately guard a band saw and provide workers with special hand tools to remove scrap from the saw danger zone.

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The company is facing one serious and one repeat serious violation.

The company was previously cited for a machine guarding violation earlier this year.

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In one citation, OSHA officials found employees were regularly exposed to running band saw blades when pushing scrap plastic onto a conveyor belt located behind the band saw.

Special hand tools for placing and removing material were not provided to permit easy handling of material without the operator placing a hand in the danger zone. On June 23, a worker was hospitalized after sustaining a laceration to the hand after he came into contact with a band saw blade while removing scrap material from the danger zone.

In the other citation, inspectors found a vertical band saw, did not have the blade guard adjusted to guard the unused portion of the saw blade. The saw was observed to run continuously with the saw blade guide set approximately 8 inches from the working table while cutting 5 inch diameter parts

The company was previously cited for a violation of this standard, OSHA said.

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