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Adobe’s Patch Tuesday security updates for January focus on two “important” vulnerabilities in the company’s Connect and Digital Editions products.

The latest version of the Adobe Connect web conferencing software patches CVE-2018-19718, a session token exposure issue that can lead to the exposure of privileges granted to a session.

Adobe Fixes Critical Acrobat, Reader Holes
Adobe Patches Acrobat, Reader Holes
Windows Update to Patch Flash Zero Day
Adobe Clears Flash Zero Day

In the Digital Editions ebook reader software, Adobe fixed an out-of-bounds read bug that can result in the disclosure of information in the context of the current user. Jaanus Kääp of Clarified Security reported this flaw (CVE-2018-12817) to Adobe.

Adobe said neither of these vulnerabilities have been exploited in the wild and they are unlikely to ever be exploited considering they are only rated as “important” and have a priority rating of 3.

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A priority rating of 3 is assigned to products that have historically not been targeted by malicious actors — administrators are advised to install the updates at their discretion.

Adobe also released updates for Flash Player, but they only resolve feature and performance bugs, not any security issues.

Just five days ago, Adobe fixed two critical vulnerabilities in its Acrobat and Reader. The holes could end up leveraged for arbitrary code execution and privilege escalation.

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