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Nearly all critical infrastructure industry executives acknowledge their organizations are targets for cybercriminals, and 61 percent think their systems could detect a cyber attack on a critical system within 24 hours.

All survey respondents, which included non executives, were not as confident as the executives, according to the survey by Tripwire. The overall response to the question of if their system could detect an attack within 24 hours, 49 percent said yes. Other responses were 24 percent overall said it would take one to three days to respond, while 8 percent said they would find an attack within minutes and another 8 percent were not confident they would find an attack at all.

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Over 400 executives in the energy, oil, gas and utility industries responded to a Tripwire survey entitled, “Critical Infrastructure Study.”

Although an overwhelming majority of executives have confidence their security systems could quickly detect a cyber attack, security leaders often say executives do not have a full grasp on the reality of the ongoing assaults facing critical infrastructure organizations.

Cyber Security

This skewed sense of ability could end up being a problem, considering 83 percent of survey respondents said a cyber attack could do “serious physical damage” to their infrastructure.

When asked if a cyber attack could do serious physical damage to your infrastructure, 83 percent of executives responded in the affirmative.

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