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An explosion at a Cincinnati, OH, business injured two people and prompted HAZMAT units to respond on the morning of Dec. 28.

Emergency personnel ended up at the site of the explosion at Environmental Enterprises Inc. at 4 a.m.

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Four men were shredding an industrial filter containing sodium chlorate, which is sensitive to friction, causing a flash fire, officials said.

Two people suffered injuries as HAZMAT and fire crews fought to extinguish any hot spots as a result of the explosion.

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One person suffered serious injuries and another is stable, fire officials said. Both went taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Meanwhile, nine people ended up hospitalized with minor respiratory issues from a hydrochloric gas spill late December inside a plastics manufacturing company in Turtle Lake, WI, said Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald.

The 60 employees of the Sanmina Corp. factory, as well as residents of an elderly housing unit and another nearby business evacuated to Turtle Lake Elementary.

Fitzgerald said a mixture of three chemicals created the hydrochloric acid gas that caused minor respiratory injuries to the five employees working with it and four other employees.

Fire fighters and hazardous materials crews were on the scene, but there was no continuing gas threat inside the building, Fitzgerald said.

Sanmina, based in San Jose, CA, makes electronic and mechanical products and has 44,000 employees worldwide.

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