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By Gregory Hale
Information is coming at automation professionals at greater levels than ever before and believe it or not it could lead to indecision or bad decisions. That indecision can end up leading to greater potential for a safety incident.

That is why the greater the information, that data needs to come across with a higher degree of context so engineers, operators and maintenance workers can make proper decisions in real time, said Mike Caliel, president and chief executive of Invensys during his keynote address at the Foxboro & Triconex Global Client Conference ’13 in San Antonio, TX.

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“Systems today provide exponentially a higher level of data than ever and that may not be helping, Caliel said. “Information overload is becoming more prevalent.”

People, he said, will want to make a decision, but without seeing that data on proper context, workers may end up being slowing in moving or not moving at all and that can lead to problems.

Schneider Bold

That is where the new Foxboro Evo system comes into play. Invensys launched the system at the conference and it is their next step to giving more context and value to manufacturing automation users.

“We believe the speed of business technology will continue to increase,” said Peter Martin, Invensys vice president business value solutions who also spoke during the opening session at the conference. “We believe safety and cyber security will continue to be in demand. With fewer people working in industrial plants, each person will need to work with increased productivity.

Through a video message, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Schneider’s chief executive, said he was happy to learn about the new Evo system and is looking forward to moving forward with Invensys.

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