Users are not quickly patching Oracle and Adobe updates as these companies do not seem to be getting their users to fix products, a new study showed.

Oracle Java, Adobe Flash Player, Reader and Shockwave, Apple’s QuickTime and iTunes, and Nullsoft’s Winamp are in the top 10 of Kaspersky Labs’ IT Threat Evolution for the third quarter. 35 percent of the computers studied by Kaspersky suffered from vulnerabilities in Java, with just under 19 percent vulnerable to infection through the Adobe Flash Player.

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Of the computers studied by Kaspersky in the third quarter, 35 percent suffered from a Java vulnerability and 19 percent from a vulnerability in an Adobe product.

Compared to the third quarter of 2011, Adobe has at least improved by a few percentage points. Sun/Oracle Java, however, remained stuck around the 30 percent mark since 2010. Java’s patch and update agents are behind the competition.

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Adobe stands out in these security reports for the number of vulnerabilities which users have failed to fix and the number of affected products.

Adobe tends to occupy fifth place in Kaspersky’s top 10, also suggesting that Adobe’s update agents could do better.

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