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Seven years after the disaster struck at the Fukushima nuclear plant, an inspection of the facility is still detecting extremely high amounts of radiation, TEPCO officials said.

The amount is so severe, just an hour of exposure could be lethal, said the plant’s operator.

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A remote-controlled inspection detected 42 Sieverts (Sv) per hour of radiation outside the foundations of the crippled Unit 2 of the plant, according to a report.

The reactor is one of three that suffered a meltdown following the earthquake and tsunami that flooded the facility March 11, 2011, shutting down all systems.

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To put the numbers in perspective, one Sv is enough to cause acute radiation syndrome.

Sieverts are used to measure radiation in terms of its potential harm and the cancer risk begins already at the doses of radiation as low as between 50-100 mSv, the World Health Organization said.

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