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A lightning strike could be the cause of a fire involving oil containers in Cory, Indiana.

Firefighters battled a large fire involving oil containers last Tuesday in Cory, Indiana.

The property owner reported seeing a lightning strike just moments before the fire started, said Cory Fire Department Chief, Dwight Ludwig. She said she saw the lightening, heard a large noise, and noticed the flames.

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Officials believe the lightning strike may have been what started the fire.

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Ludwig said the fire involved about 4,200 gallons of oil, in addition to the containers holding the oil. Crews quickly jumped into action to try to prevent the oil from spreading into ditches and streams in the area, which creates potential hazards for wildlife and residents.

As firefighters approached the scene, they reported seeing huge clouds of smoke, and very large flames. Ludwig said there were also powerlines on the ground.

Firefighters used a fire extinguishing foam to help put out the fire. The foam creates a blanket, which helps suffocate the fire. It’s often used for fires involving petroleum.

Fire officials contacted the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to help with the possible environmental concerns and put a cleanup plan in place.

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