Exelon Corp. had to shut down a unit of the Limerick nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania last Thursday after a power outage affected plant equipment.

The plant’s operators shut down Unit 1 at the plant, in Pottstown, PA, after the plant’s main generator cooling pumps lost electricity, Exelon said. Officials said the pumps are not part of the reactor system and there was no risk to the public.

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The operators were still working to determine the cause of the electrical malfunction, which the company said was on the “non-nuclear” side of the plant.

The plant’s Unit 2 was operating at full power, the company said.

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Each unit has about 1,100 megawatts of capacity and together can serve about 2 million homes.

Manwhile, last week, Limerick had another issue when diverted water released during a routine procedure.

“During a release, mildly radioactive water is pre-mixed with hundreds of thousands of gallons of non radioactive water from Limerick’s cooling towers before it is pumped through a network of pipes to the Schuylkill River,” said Dana Melia, Exelon Corp.’s communications manager at the Limerick plant.

The issue is the water took an unexpected path during the release.

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