A Lowell, MA, manufacturer of fiber products paid a $150,000 fine for not complying to federal and state hazardous waste laws, federal officials said.

Specialty Materials Inc. agreed to pay $150,000 to settle Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allegations the company violated the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Massachusetts hazardous waste management regulations.

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Specialty Materials generates hazardous wastes in the process of manufacturing fiber products and composite materials used in aerospace, sporting, and industrial applications.

Hazardous wastes generated at the company include: Methylene chloride, solids and wastewater contaminated with mercury, methyl ethyl ketone, resin and solids contaminated with acetone, isopropyl alcohol, various flammable liquids, waste epoxy and adhesive cleaner, and waste aerosols.

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In July 2014, an EPA inspection identified 14 violations of RCRA and Massachusetts regulations, including Specialty Materials had failed to properly store, handle and manage hazardous wastes; ensure proper safety and emergency preparedness measures were followed; maintain appropriate records about storage and handling of hazardous materials, and provide adequate personnel training.

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