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Malware attacks more than doubled over the past year, a new report said.

In 2015, Dell’s security products logged more than 64 million unique malware samples, which represented a 73 percent rise from 2014 (37 million) and a tripling of 2013’s numbers, according to the Dell Security Annual Threat Report.

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In addition, Dell also said it blocked 2.17 trillion IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) attacks and 8.19 billion malware attacks, the last figure representing twice the numbers recorded in 2014 (4.2 billion).

Dell also looked at trends during the past year.

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One trend was Android malware continued to grow in numbers during 2015, something that experts also expect to happen in 2016 as well. Dell saw an increase in ransomware infections, but also a growth of banking Trojans targeting the Android OS.

Exploit kit usage continued to grow during the past year like Angler, Nuclear, Magnitude and Rig.

Part of that growth showed most exploit kits added upgrades to their code, such as the usage of a more complex anti-forensic mechanism to evade security software, frequent URL pattern changes to evade easy detection, and new URL redirection techniques to direct users toward the kit’s landing page, where the user infection would occur.

As for new trends the usage of SSL/TLS encryption for C&C communications continued to rise.
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