There is now a malware campaign aimed at BlackBerry users, which hits users via fake emails saying the recipient has successfully created a BlackBerry ID.

The email continues by saying to enjoy the full benefits of the BlackBerry ID, the recipient should follow the instructions given in the attached file. Once clicked the user becomes a victim as the file is malicious, said researchers at Websense ThreatSeeker Network.

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The malware strewn email is a copy of a genuine email from BlackBerry. Once the attachment is set running, it drops other executable files and modifies the system registry, according to ThreatScope analysis, which is a part of the Websense CSI service. The malware programs automatically start, once the system restarts.

Email scams don’t end there as WebSense Security Labs showed how the Nigerian email scam continues to dupe unsuspecting victims into financial losses amounting to millions of dollars, and disrupting their lives.

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