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Information is intrinsic to the core of any business. Most organizations would find it impossible to function without the availability and absolute privacy of their proprietary – and priceless – information. Therefore, securing it across the extended enterprise is critical to the success of any organization.

Every organization needs to take a layered approach to security, utilizing both processes and solutions designed to prevent compromise. Complicating the challenge of managing risk and securing data is the fact “the enterprise” now extends far beyond what were the traditional boundaries of enterprise networks and perimeter firewalls. Companies are giving direct network access to trusted business partners and contract workers, and in some cases, even to customers.

Workers access the enterprise network remotely using consumer-class mobile devices, many of which are personally owned and not controlled by the company whose network they access.

Moreover, data and applications are being moved into public and hybrid cloud environments where the data owners have little direct control over security.

Cyber Security

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