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Personal information is out in the wild after two other Linux Foundation websites suffered an attack. This attack comes on the heels of an intrusion the previous week on

Members of the and websites received an email from the organization, informing them about a discovered breach in their systems on September 8.

Linux Source Code Compromised
Compromised Sites Distributing Trojan
A Trojan Distribution Network
ZeuS Spin Off Hits Cyber Street

Foundation representatives made the decision of shutting down their sites, “in the interest of extreme caution and security best practices.”

Services and programs like, Open Printing, Linux Mark and Linux Foundation Events will not be functioning for a certain period of time as workers restore them.

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It appears Linux kernel or its code repositories were not a part of the recent hits but officials still took them down for maintenance after the attacks discovered on August 28.

The statement released on the temporary page advises members to change any password the hackers may have obtained.

A message said, “We are in the process of restoring services in a secure manner as quickly as possible. As with any intrusion and as a matter of caution, you should consider the passwords and SSH keys that you have used on these sites compromised. If you have reused these passwords on other sites, please change them immediately,” welcomes the visitors of and

The Foundation is also auditing the exploited systems as part of an investigation made in collaboration with legal authorities.

The announcements from the temporary site will change once any further information is available.

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