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Firefox 54.0 web browser is now a part of the stable channel for all supported operating systems.

While not a feature-rich release, Mozilla’s Firefox 54 ships with the e10s-multi implementation by default. This makes Firefox 54 the first release of the web browser to use multiple operating system processes for better resource management.

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“Today’s release is the first to run Firefox using multiple operating system processes for web page content, making Firefox faster and more stable than ever,” said Mozilla, which asked users to review information on why using multiple processes will keep the balance between performance and memory use.

Firefox 54 also simplified the download button and download status panel, and there’s now support for the Burmese language, and the mobile bookmarks folder was moved to the main bookmarks menu for quicker access.

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Firefox 54 also adds a bunch of changes for web developers, especially the ability to create and save custom devices in Responsive Design Mode. Various security vulnerabilities were patched as well.

However, if you’re running Firefox on your Windows or Mac computer, you should be able to update to version 54 just by accessing the About Firefox dialog. The new version will be automatically downloaded and installed.

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