Stillwater Mining Co., of Nye, MT, is facing a $7,500 fine for failing to have a named individual perform the duties and responsibilities of a radiation safety officer, said officials at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

The violation of NRC requirements was identified in a Sept. 27 inspection report. It involved a nearly four-year failure by the company. Without a radiation safety officer, the company had no individual responsible for implementing the radiation safety program to ensure safety significant issues are identified, corrected and reported to the NRC as required.

Eventual effective comprehensive corrective actions were taken; however, prompt corrective actions were not taken to restore compliance when the violation was identified during a third-party assessment in February 2019.

The violation was not addressed until after it was identified by an NRC inspector this past June, as noted in a letter to the company.

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Company officials responded to the NRC’s preliminary finding in a letter dated Oct. 25. The company has 30 days to dispute the fine or request involvement of a third-party mediator to resolve the issue.

Stillwater Mining develops, extracts, processes, refines and markets palladium, platinum.

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