New versions of ransomware continue to hit the market and they level of severity for each variant varies.

The good news is, though, researchers continue to issue decrypters so users can get their computer back in workable condition.

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That was the case this past week when a researcher that goes by the name BloodyDolly created a decrypter to handle the ransomware called ODCODC. The decrypter helps victims recover their files for free.

ODCODC is a ransomware family discovered in May and had a limited distribution, with a much smaller impact when compared to ransomware threats such as CryptXXX, Cerber, or Locky.

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After two months of looking at ODCODC’s codebase, researchers created a decrypter that managed to go around ODCODC’s RSA-2048 encryption and recover the victims’ files.

Affected users can download the decrypter from Bleeping Computer’s forum. Usage instructions are in the download package inside the README.txt file if anyone needs any help, but users can also ask for help on the forum topic itself.

As with most decrypters, users are going to need a pair of the same file in its encrypted and unencrypted form.

ODCODC requires a payment of around $500 in Bitcoin. Payment details end up provided after contacting the ransomware’s authors via email, and some users have paid to recover their files.

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