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Two goldfish found in a secure area of the Perry Nuclear Plant swimming about in a pitcher of water has the facility’s owner and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) seeing red.

Crews working in a steam tunnel connecting the reactor to the turbine building found the fish swimming in a pitcher. A plant spokeswoman said chemists found just-detectable levels of radiation in the water.

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FirstEnergy and the NRC are now investigating what happened.

Perry is already in the “degraded cornerstone” column of the NRC’s action matrix because of occupational safety violations dating to 2011, according to the agency. While the incident last week was not serious enough to merit an event report to the NRC, an agency spokeswoman said inspectors will be looking into it further.

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Perry, a General Electric boiling water reactor licensed in 1986, is offline for a refueling outage. Plant management will be reviewing video of the tunnel and questioning employees and contractors who had access to it.

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